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5 Essential Packing Tips for a Move

You are moving. You need to pack everything you own in order to move, whether it is just to another property in the same town, across state lines, or to another country. And you definitely want to do it right to help prevent damage to your belongings or stressing you out too much. How can you pack to help ease the struggle? Packing requires proper planning and careful execution.

Packing Supplies You Just Cannot Do Without

Make sure you have the essential packing supplies before you start packing.
Here’s a list of packing supplies you don’t want to forget:

  • Packing tape
  • Tissue paper for delicate items
  • Bubble wrap and/or corrugated paper for your fragile items
  • Padding or blankets for wrapping furniture
  • Moving boxes of different sizes
  • Clean newsprint
  • Different colored markers and labels for identifying content in boxes
  • Scissors
  • Labels for each box
  • Mattress bag

Make your job less stressful by following some essential packing tips from AAA Platte Self Storage.

Cover one room at a time when packing so that you don’t mix items from different rooms in a box. It is best to pack the kitchen last because you will need many items in there daily, even up to moving day!

Only use clean boxes in the right size for moving. Boxes should be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the items you put in them. The box you use should also be large enough to have room for cushioning materials around the contents you pack. Pack items according to the box strength and do not go over the maximum gross weight of the box. Small boxes should ideally be used for small, heavy items such as books, record albums, canned goods, clocks, radios, and other smaller appliances. Medium general-purpose boxes can hold pots and pans, smaller kitchen utensils, toys, dishware, figurines, paintings, and any other items of medium size and weight. Large general-purpose boxes are good for items like dishware, lamps, tools, clothing, and a for large but lightweight items such as bedding, stuffed toys, pillows, wicker baskets and potted plants. Always pack the large and heavy items in boxes first and put in smaller and lighter items as filler.

Items need to be protected from damage with proper cushioning. The contents of each carton have to be wrapped separately. Delicate items have to be separated from each other and kept clear of shock and vibration from the corners and sides of the box. Use proper cushioning material and a strong box to ensure that the contents do not move easily when you shake the box.
Some cushioning materials include:

  • Bubble pack
  • Expanded polystyrene or foam peanuts
  • Corrugated dividers
  • Polystyrene dish sleeves
  • Newsprint
  • Craft paper

Extremely fragile objects may require special packaging for safe shipment.

You need to make sure that all your boxes are securely closed before the move. Properly secure the box using strong tape, about two inches or more in width is absolutely essential. Avoid using masking tape or cellophane tape. It is better to use professional and sturdy packing tape on the top and bottom and not just on the end flaps to close your cartons. Packing tape is wide enough to support the weight of a fully packed carton.


Use Strong Tape to Close Boxes Securely

  • Pressure sensitive plastic, clear or tan
  • Water activated paper tape
  • Pressure sensitive Strapping tape

Use Proper Labeling

Mark each box with proper labels and a brief description of contents to avoid confusion when unpacking and also to make retrieving items from storage easier. You can put an inventory sheet on the boxes going into storage. Do not mark or label the flaps or on top of sealing tape. Make sure that boxes with fragile items are clearly marked ‘FRAGILE’ and also the ‘TOP’ of these boxes should be identified or your contents might be damaged during the move. Use colored stickers and color coding to identify boxes for particular rooms or by type of items (dishware, paintings, clothes, etc.) You can also use the color coding method for any boxes that you will need to place into storage.

Most importantly, on the day of the move keep all your important paperwork, such as contact information for your self storage unit, your moving company details, medical records, cash etc, ready in a folder, in case you need them. With a little planning and organization during the pack, you can minimize stress during a move and ensure that none of your precious belongings get damaged.

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