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7 Invaluable Packing and Organizing Tips For Self Storage Units

You can stuff all your valuables in self storage units but packing for self storage can be slightly more complicated than you think. The right packing techniques and efficient organization of your unit will prevent damage to your property and also help you avoid injury to people inside the unit. Before moving in your belongings to our storage units located conveniently near the Colorado Springs area, do consider going over these tips as they will enable you to efficiently organize your unit.

Tip #1: Plan Ahead

You will know where things fit if you properly plan before stacking boxes in your storage unit. A little planning and organization can help you fully utilize the space in your unit with relative ease. You can maneuver things around to fit everything in and you only pay for the storage space you use every month. Make sure you have enough corrugated boxes, containers, packing paper, newspaper, bubble wrap, sealing tape, markers and other packing material at hand before starting on the packing process.

Tip #2: Clear Access Path

Storage units are available in a variety of sizes from small, closet-sized units to larger, garage-sized units for all your storage needs. You should ensure that there is a maneuverable path in your storage unit for easy access to get to your items, as and when necessary. A clear path is important so do consider the best way to organize the items in your unit before properly stacking your belongings.

Tip #3: Frequented Items Must Be Easily Accessible

Remember to place the boxes with items you’ll need to access most frequently toward the front of the storage unit. Leave aisle space so that you can easily access any items when you need to from your unit. More valuable items that you are not likely to use as often should be stored in the back for the security of your items, while ensuring easy access to items you will need more frequently. When you move, fill your vehicle from back to front like you want your unit packed.

Tip #4: Use the Right Size Box

Your choice of packing boxes should depend on your items. Use larger, sturdier boxes for heavy belongings and smaller boxes for light items. But never fill boxes tightly. It is wise not to over or under pack as they can tip over or collapse. When arranging your self storage unit, stack up heavier boxes on the bottom and the lighter ones on top. Where possible use uniform box types as it allows greater organization and space. For easier handling make sure that you limit the weight of all boxes to 30lbs. or less.

Tip #5 Label and Identify Your Boxes

Labels are of utmost importance for easy identification of boxes. Make sure to keep a list of contents along with the placement of items in your unit for easy location and reference. Clearly label the specific item type such as flatware, dishware, appliances, etc. on all sides of the box. Also mark boxes with breakable items as “fragile” and make sure they are placed on top of heavier boxes. Labels and aisles make a huge difference in how long it actually takes you to locate items when you’re looking for them in the self storage unit.

Tip #6: Protect Fragile Items

Carefully wrap and pad fragile items that will not go into a box, such as mirrors, paintings, big picture frames, in bubble wrap or packing paper. It is best to avoid newsprint because the ink can transfer onto the paintings or frames. As extra precaution, you can place them in special mirror packs or large boxes or add a layer of heavy fabric so that they do not bump up against other items in the storage unit. Do make sure that your mirrors and frames are always kept standing on end, rather than flat on the floor and layer the top and bottom of boxes with packing paper. Wrap fragile items like dish and glass separately and add cushioning for them like crumpled paper. Plates should ideally be stacked on edge, with clean paper or clothing for padding. Stuff the sides of your storage boxes with old newspaper and fill in empty spaces with bubble wrap, rags, towels, or blankets to protect your items from any accidental bumps that may occur during transport to your storage unit.

Tip #7: Take Apart Large Items

Dismantle and take apart large pieces of furniture like tables, beds, dressers in order to maximize space in your unit. Mark and tape bed rail pieces together for easier assembly later. All screws, bolts or accessories to your furniture should also be kept together and properly labeled for later. Place covers or plastic bags on mattresses to keep them clean during storage. Wrap furniture legs with protective wrapping papers or furniture covers prevent scratching. Keep upholstery off the floor and use dust covers over furniture. Stand sofas and mattresses on end and place plastic bags on them to keep them clean during storage.

Contact our facility manager at AAA Platte Storage for more tips on packing and let us help you find the right storage unit for your needs. You may want to rent a climate-controlled storage unit for storing sensitive items that are particularly vulnerable to harsh elements. Call us at 719-572-0101.