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How Can Self Storage Help when Transitioning your home for Colder Weather?

With shorter days and colder temperatures, there is not much to cheer about during the winter season, unless you are a fan of skiing, ice skating and sledding. Besides dealing with snow days, you have to factor in the additional stress of winter holidays. Keeping your home clean and organized for guests is a challenge in itself. You need to take a little extra time now getting your home’s interior and exterior ready for winter and putting unneeded seasonal items in self storage so that you have a better organized home ready to deal with winter emergencies, guests and cold weather. That way you can focus on what’s really important during the winter season- hot cocoa and football playoffs.

If you live in an area prone to severe winter storms, stock up on salt to melt ice. Inspect the exterior of your house for areas of weakness, such as leaks in roofs and damaged shingles that could become serious problems in adverse weather. Make sure that the exterior pipes are covered and take proper precautions to protect vulnerable plants from freezing. The most important thing many people ignore is equipping their car with winter emergency items, just in case you get stuck in the snow.

Go over all the weather-stripping and caulk around your doors and windows to ensure that your home is well insulated against the cold air. This will also save money on energy bills. Check to see if your heating unit is working properly and clean its filters. For homes with a fireplace, ensure that the area around the fireplace is safe and uncluttered and get the chimney cleaned so that it is obstruction-free. Get the comforters, electric blankets and flannel sheets out and laundered before the first chill sets in. Pack away all your summer clothes and make arrangements to put them in storage so that you can make room in your closet for your sweaters, coats, woollies, scarves and boots.

Using self-storage services such as AAA Platte Self Storage gives you access to additional storage space you need to help prepare your home for different seasons. Rent out a storage unit at AAA Platte Self Storage before winter advances to stow away the items that you won’t need. This affordable storage strategy helps you declutter and make space in your home. After all you need all the space you can have during the holiday season, when you are most likely expecting an increased number of guests in the home. Having a tidy home and open space does make everyone feel more comfortable.

The idea is to make sure that by the time winter arrives, you have space to put all the items you don’t need into storage. Renting and organizing your storage in advance is also more convenient for you as you won’t have to struggle with packing goods and moving them in icy and snowy conditions. The other advantage to renting storage units are that if you need access to your stored items, they are always conveniently within reach.

Consider putting these categories of items in storage over the winter:

  • Outdoor lawn and garden furniture that may get damaged by the extreme cold if you leave it in your yard
  • Outdoor pool or swimming items like pool floats, noodles, scuba gear and toys,
  • Lawn and garden machinery that you are unlikely to use in the winter, such as a lawn mower or a barbecue grill
  • Sporting equipment such as bikes and fishing equipment that will not get much use during the winter

You can also store seasonal items, home interior items you are not likely to use in winter and your entire summer wardrobe so that your home does not feel cramped and cluttered.

Large machinery or cars, boats or RV that you normally store outside in the summer run the chance of getting damaged by the chilly weather. Instead of leaving them out in the open to accumulate snow and get damaged from inclement weather, you can find them a warm and safe temporary home in a self storage unit.

When storing sensitive items like documents, clothes, electronics, leather, wine collection, wood furniture, and more you should consider using climate controlled storage units. Climate controlled storage units keep the temperature in the unit regulated within the range of 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This way extreme temperature changes are unlikely to result in damage to the items in storage. Moreover your belongings are protected from freezing temperatures and moisture. For information about climate-controlled storage units in AAA Platte contact us on 719-602-4802.