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How to Inventory Your Belongings When Moving

The biggest worry when moving is that some of your belongings may go missing and that you will reach your new home to find that some of your things didn’t reach its destination. Whether you are moving items into your new home directly or temporarily storing them in a storage unit, creating an itemized home inventory before the move is a good idea. This way you can keep track of your stuff during the move. Even unpacking becomes easier because you’ll know where to locate everything. So make the effort to create an itemized list so that you can keep track of everything you’re taking with you. A good organizational plan will also save you needless headaches when you get to the unpacking part of the process.

Moving companies are usually cautious when moving items and most self storage units have security features like CCTV, gated access, alarms, locks and facility managers to keep your items safe but accidents can happen and having an inventory will hasten your insurance claim. Keeping a record of everything that’s being moved or stored can help protect your things in the case of any eventuality such as fire, flood or theft or damage during the move. Should any of your items get damaged or stolen during the move or in storage, having an itemized list of each belonging can help you file an insurance claim and work faster with your insurance company to recover what was lost.

Creating an inventory may seem like an arduous task but don’t let it overwhelm you. You can start keeping an itemized list of all your items in your home as soon as you’ve decided to move. Doing everything last minute will make you feel rushed and you are likely to get stressed. If you are not going to hire professional packers, then start packing items that you do not use on a daily basis and inventory them as you pack. And even if you hire professional movers, you have to inventory everything room by room before moving day.


Steps to Inventory Your Home

  1. Mark and Label All Your Boxes

Clearly attach labels to all of your boxes and containers before you move. The two best methods for labeling are to organize your stuff by like items or by room. You can label boxes by items when you have a lot of smaller items to group together, such as books or photo albums. On the other hand, where you have many dissimilar items to pack, forget categorizing them by item. Go by room. So tackle items in the kitchen and put them in one box and label them by room. This way you’ll know which room to unpack and place it in.

  1. Have An Itemized Record Ready

When you are done packing and organizing everything, keep a detailed and itemized record of what has gone into each of your boxes and containers. Make sure the list is fairly elaborate and properly itemized. Tape the list to the outside of the container so that you can retrieve something from the box easily if you need it before you unpack.

  1. Keep Electronic Records

Keeping electronic records are so much more convenient. Make use of apps for smartphones and tablets that are specifically designed to help document your items, even using photos and videos. Moving Day helps you catalog items while you pack and lets you create bar codes and labels for your boxes. It even allows you to store photos for insurance claims and more. With Moving Van you can keep track of each box and item you’ve packed and assign them to rooms. You can export the list into a PDF or email it you need to file an insurance claim. Inventory for iPad allows you to tag individual items with GPS location co-ordinates and sort your lists quickly and easily. The most popular app when moving is Sortly, which lets you organize items so that you can even track product parts or serial numbers. You can take photos and use QR codes to keep track of where each item is.

Moving is a challenging process and things can easily get hectic. In all the activity it is very easy to lose your inventory. Make sure you have extra paper copies kept in a safe place, and a digital copy at hand in case you need to quickly get your inventory sheet reprinted.

An inventory is incredibly helpful when moving and storing belongings. You can get peace of mind knowing that everything is organized and should anything happen, you can make insurance claims easily.

Having an itemized list can help you determine the exact amount of storage space you’ll need for your belongings. At AAA Platte Self Storage we can assist you in assessing the storage space you require for all your items. Ideally you should also inventory your self-storage unit and create a map of it, with details about boxes and aisles so that you can find everything in your storage unit easily, whenever you want it.

We also offer a variety of UHaul rentals truck, van, or trailer to simplify your move to our facility. You can simply drop off your UHaul at the same time you unload your valuables into your storage unit, which saves you additional stress on moving day. Get in touch with us at 719-602-4802 to reserve your unit and hire the perfect UHaul vehicle for your move.