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How to Keep Your Belongings Safe From Humidity While They Are In Storage

We all care about preserving our stored valuables in their pristine condition. And if you are new to self storage, then you may have questions about how to keep your belongings in great shape while they are in storage. The biggest worry factor is how to protect items from humidity and moisture in the unit, especially sensitive items like electronics, furniture, photographs, documents, wine, and linens. Temperature fluctuations can lead to increased accumulation of moisture in the unit, so it is imperative to protect your belongings. Moreover, excessive dampness in your storage unit encourages the growth of mold, mildew, rust, corrosion, rot and insect infestations. Take advantage of climate controls in your self storage facility to keep your items safe from the damages of humidity.

Tips To Prevent Moisture In Self Storage Units

That being said, you cannot just throw all your items into a climate-controlled storage unit and think that’s it. With some proper preparation, you can protect all your items from any long-term damage due to humidity and moisture, while they are in storage

  1. Inspect Unit for Leaks.

Check your outdoor storage unit for any leaks before renting. Go over the walls and ceiling to see if there are any cracks, no matter how small. Cracks can widen over time and lead to damaging leaks in the unit.

  1. Enquire About the Humidity Level.

Ask about the humidity level in the indoor unit of your storage facility. The relative humidity should ideally be below 50 percent to prevent moisture damage, wood rot, rust, mold and mildew growth. Install a relative humidity gauge in your unit to monitor the RH yourself.

  1. Do Not Store Damp Items

Make sure everything you are packing away into storage is dry. Even if you wash your clothes before placing them in storage, make sure that they are completely dry before packing them. Any water sport equipment (surfboards, scuba gear, wet suits, bathing suits, etc.) should be thoroughly dried and free of moisture, when put into storage. Clean all surfaces including the insides of refrigerators, stoves, and other appliances that may have food residue in them with baking soda or another non-abrasive cleaning product and thoroughly dry them before putting them in storage.

  1. Install A Vapor Barrier.

You can use a vapor barrier, which is a typically thin, flexible membrane of polyethylene plastic or foil coating that can damp-proof any room or space. They have a permeability value of less than 1.0 and can block outdoor moisture or even beneath the floor to inhibit ground moisture from seeping inside. You can purchase products to be placed in a self storage unit to draw moisture and mold from the air in the unit. Something like a desiccant bag of silica gel crystals or charcoal briquettes can be placed in the unit in pouches to absorb moisture and eliminate musty odors. But do not use the briquettes that are pre-soaked in lighter fluid.

  1. Properly Protect Your Belongings.

All your items should be properly packed and protected to limit moisture damage. All furniture and mattresses should be wrapped up with furniture blankets. Clothing and furs should be cleaned and hung inside wardrobe boxes. Never put items in plastic to keep them protected, unless you are vacuum-sealing the plastic or else water vapors may be trapped inside the plastic. Never put your items on the concrete floor. Always use wooden pallets to keep items away from condensation.

Why AAA Platte Climate Controlled Storage?

Our climate-controlled storage units have temperature regulating controls to prevent damage from rising temperatures, while also reducing the amount of moisture in a unit. The temperature in climate controlled storage units are usually kept between 65°F – 78°F and special measures are taken to keep humidity at appropriate levels.

Items like documents, electronic appliances, clothing or leather products are vulnerable to damage from humidity. If they are being stored temporarily, for a few days or weeks, then it will not be exposed to as many changing temperatures but for anything that needs to be stored for longer, it may be better to place them in a humidity-controlled unit. By keeping these delicate items in a climate-controlled storage unit, you can store them for many months without fear of costly damage from heat and humidity.

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