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Top Psychological Benefits of Decluttering

If you have a full closet or you are tripping over things stored in your basement, then you need to address the problem now and declutter. Have you ever felt unsettled with your messy desk or with a disorganized kitchen? You are not alone in feeling this way because junk contributes to stress. Get all the clutter under control because not only is it annoying to look at, but it can also bring out so many different emotions like guilt or confusion. Science now backs it up and studies have shown that you can experience major mental benefits when you say goodbye to clutter. Don’t believe us? Then keep reading to know the wonders of decluttering.

Improves Concentration

Excessive items in your surroundings can negatively impact your ability to focus and process information. A study in Princeton University found that physical clutter in the surroundings can be distracting for the brain, making it multi-task resulting in decreased performance and increased stress. File cabinets full of unorganized documents or stacked up boxes in your workspace adds to your overall sense of frustration. With improved focus, you will be able to tackle big and small jobs with less stress and better efficiency. File cabinets full of unorganized documents or stacked up boxes in your workspace adds to your overall sense of frustration. With improved focus, you will be able to tackle big and small jobs with less stress and better efficiency. Decluttering your home and surroundings can improve the quality of your life. It becomes so much easier to find and access your items much more quickly and with little stress.

Lowers Stress Levels

Anything from going to work, getting stuck in traffic or waiting in queue are just some of the things in our daily life that generally cause stress. Despite stress being a part of life, you can still find ways to reduce your stress. One such step is to declutter your workspace and your home. Clutter can get in your way and make tasks more difficult, which then triggers a stress response .Keeping old items around can often be stressful when they are tied to unpleasant bad memories. Dump whatever drags you down, especially if it messes you up emotionally. Stop holding on to old things and declutter because it a great stress reliever. You can immediately begin to feel better by organizing items in your home and workplace.

Boosts Your Mood

Clutter can make you feel irritated because it sends signals to your brain that you don’t have your life together. Living in a messy environment can be depressing. Some people even feel like a failure because of clutter when by contrast, decluttering can give us a real sense of accomplishment. A study in UCLA showed that relationships in families living in cluttered homes suffered because of all the objects in their homes. There is an intense relationship between clutter and our mood and self-esteem. There is a link between an increase in cortisole levels among female home owners and a high number of household objects. The more stuff, the more stress women experience. In contrast, there is a lot of positivity attached to organized space because it does make you feel so much better. When you donate, recycle or organize your things you are likely to feel good about it. Everyone loves organized living and workspaces. Organization improves your personality too and improves relationships with friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers.

Get Creative

The messy desk or studio does not equate to creativity. A research study in Princeton shows that a minimalist environment can help the creative process. Having too many items around can make your brain drift from one thing to the next, leading to increased stress and less creativity. An organized work space boosts creativity. Working in an environment that is neat, clean and organized can help your brain focus and get your creative juices flowing. Living and working in an organized space improves skills related to art, writing, music, creative thinking or even out-of-the-box thinking. Being comfortable in your home can create the space in your mind to help you come up with your next big idea. If you want to get things done, get decluttering.

Sleep Better

People who sleep in a cluttered room often suffer from hoarding disorder and are more likely to have sleeping problems too. If you sleep in a messy room, then you are likely to be lying in bed and staring at the ceiling. People have trouble falling asleep at night and experience disturbed sleep when sleeping in a cluttered room.

Letting go of clutter can be difficult, but the advantages of organizing your home or workplace far outweigh any negatives. It isn’t a waste of your time. The next time you want to give your mood a lift, try getting rid of unnecessary items. You’ll feel better from embracing decluttering!

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