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What are the Best Storage Containers for Storage Units?

Most people use self-storage for personal or business reasons when moving, relocating abroad, decluttering their home, storing business documents and inventory, etc. Putting your valuable and everyday items in storage for long term requires a little planning and research. When you are planning to store your belongings in a storage unit, one of the things you must consider is the type of container, boxes and bins that you use so that all your things are safe and secure. Here are some ideas and tips about what to look for when getting ready to store stuff away.

When choosing storage containers, what are the things you should consider? It depends. Some important questions you need to ask yourself are – Is it essential to be able to see what is inside? Are you storing heavy or light items? Are you going access the storage container often? Are there any items that are temperature-sensitive?

If you have to see what you have stored inside, you will definitely have to go for clear storage containers. Unfortunately a lot of clear storage containers are not built as durable as the heavy-duty large containers that are used to store heavier items. And if you need to access the storage container often, you’ll want it to be light and possibly on wheels so that you can move them around to get to what you are looking for. There are some storage containers that can be stacked high, whereas other storage containers will teeter over if stacked too high.

Most importantly, you should get storage containers that are durable, robust and able to withstand being moved around. It is always better to store your belongings in containers with integrity and strength than flimsy, brittle or simply cheap boxes.

You might be better off using containers with snap-close secure handles instead of just a lid that snaps shut because it provide a good tight “close”. Some lids fall off when you have filled the container beyond its capacity and you go to lift and/or store it.

What you are looking for is a comfortable balance of ergonomics, security, durability and, affordability. The right type of container will provide adequate protection for the items you are storing.

There are many storage options to choose from and as many brands selling storage containers of different types. The big and popular names among storage containers are Steralite, Rubbermaid, and Stanley among others. Most self-storage companies offer a variety of supplies or you can visit big box stores or home organization stores. Here are some common storage options available to you to help protect your belongings.


For long-term storage, you are better off using plastic bins and containers as they are safer, sturdier and reusable. Totes are extremely popular storage containers because they are reliably strong, large, deep and waterproof. Plastic storage bins are available in a wide range of sizes from small to midsize and even large. Plastic bins have lids that snap or latch into place firmly enabling you to stack many bins on top of each other. You can easily write on many of them, which makes labeling an absolute breeze. And if you want to see what you are storing in the bins, you can choose clear products. This works out really well for your organizing and decluttering needs.

Plastic containers won’t rot or let in moisture and they are pest-proof. They can be sat on any type of flooring because the bottoms of most plastic containers are strong. Rest assured all items in plastic bins will be safe and dry. So for people who are going to be putting items away for a long time, especially ones that are sensitive to moisture or dust then you are better off with plastic bins and containers.


Businesses often need to store documents and archives. A lot of us also have paperwork, records and books at home that need to be put away in storage. Banker’s boxes make the ideal storage container for them. Banker’s boxes are available in small, medium or heavy-duty sizes and they have built-in handles. They are easy to carry and stack as they come with locking lift-off lids. Remember to get uniform ‘banker’s box’ type cardboard storage boxes so that you can stack them easily and safely. It is also very convenient that Banker’s boxes have a dedicated spot for labeling the contents.


Cardboard boxes are the most popular go-to storage containers for people putting their belongings in a storage unit. These boxes come in many sizes from single ones to archive boxes, wardrobe boxes to multipacks. Cardboard boxes are lighter and stack up better. They take up less space in the in the storage units and can be folded up flat when not being used. Cardboard boxes are easier to carry and move around. Most importantly these boxes are also recyclable. It is also easier to write on cardboard boxes with permanent markers. And the boxes are easily sealed against dust and dirt with strong tape.

Small storage containers are generally used for organizing, whereas mid-size containers are the more popular choice for storing stuff. But pick your storage containers to suit your unique needs. If you are storing tools, books/magazines, crafts, clothes then mid-size to large containers can be used. When storing heavy items, steer clear of the clear storage containers as clear plastic is thinner then the plastic used for the heavy-duty storage containers.

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