Moving & Storage SuppliesLittle Necessities That Save You Big Headaches

There’s a lot to remember when you’re moving your things, and it’s easy to make a mistake or forget something entirely. That’s especially true for the little necessities of moving and storage: boxes, tape, furniture pads, locks, and the wide variety of accessories that are so important to ensuring your valuables are protected and secure. Forgetting those little necessities can mean extra trips around town looking for just what you need.

That’s why we stock a range of moving and storage supplies. You can pick up everything from boxes to mattress protectors at the same time you rent your unit or your truck. That will save you precious time and reduce the chance you’ll forget that extra box that you really need for your furniture. What’s more, our supplies are competitively priced, which helps keep your move within your budget.

Moving Supplies

We're Moving and Storage Experts... Not Just Another Store That Sells Tape

Need advice on items to help make your move easier? Our managers are moving and storage experts who can recommend everything from how big a box you’ll need for your entertainment center to how much tape you should buy. We’re always happy to help. It’s part of our commitment to treat you with the same high-quality care that we give to your valuables.

We Stock a Wide Range of Supplies for Your Moving and Storage Needs, Including

Small Boxes $2.99
Medium Boxes $3.99
Large Boxes $4.99
Furniture Pads $9.95
Queen Mattress Bags $7.98
Wrapping Paper $12.99
2" pad lock $9.95
Disc Locks $14.99
Roll Tape $1.45
Hitches w/2" ball $39.99
And Much More! Call Us for Details.

The right supplies can make even the most difficult moves easier. Let us help with your moving needs. Call us at 719-602-4802 today.