Moving? Make Your Trip Easier with Our UHaul Rentals

Whether you’re moving your valuables across the country, or simply to our secure storage units, chances are you’ll need something to haul them. That’s why we offer a variety of UHaul rentals right at our facility.

Renting a UHaul truck, van, or trailer for your move allows you to pack everything at once, saving you multiple trips and eliminating wear and tear on your own vehicle. Further, when you rent a UHaul vehicle, you'll receive the amenities that UHaul is famous for, including low decks, easy-to-use loading ramps, and the famous “Mom’s attic” that provides extra overhead cargo space for your valuables.


Rent Your UHaul and Store Your Things With Us for a Hassle-Free Moving Day

Further, if you’re storing your items with us, you simply drop off your UHaul at the same time you unload your valuables into your storage unit. It’s a one-stop solution that makes your moving day much simpler, saving the headaches of driving all over town.

We have among the largest selection of UHaul trucks in the area, and chances are, if we don’t have the truck you need right away, we can get it for you.

Rent Your UHaul Truck From Us

  • They’re conveniently located on-premises.
  • They Come in a range of sizes for every move.
  • They Feature low decks and easy-to use ramps for hassle-free loading.
  • Pick up your truck and and return it at one location for added convenience.

Call us today at 719-602-4802 and let us match you with the perfect UHaul vehicle for your move.