Life Skills and Lessons for Your College-Bound Kid

Here you are. The day you’ve either dreaded or have greatly anticipated for a very long time. Your child is on his way to college.

There are probably a myriad of thoughts and emotions racing through your head right now. One overriding question is: is he ready? Can he take care of himself? No doubt, you’ve taught him all about safety and careers – you know, the big things. But, as we’ve often heard: it’s the little foxes that spoil the garden. It’s those little things we often don’t even consider until the time has passed and it’s too late.  Continue reading “Life Skills and Lessons for Your College-Bound Kid”

Short Term Storage Solution For College Students

Students often have to move housing locations throughout college. Whether in dorms, sororities/fraternities, and off-campus housing, students frequently change locations. Sometimes it is hard to co-ordinate the move-out date of your original lease with the move-in date for your new lease, which can prove to be a real inconvenience, especially when you have a lot of belongings.

Some students may opt to travel for a semester abroad and are faced with the prospect of finding a place to store their precious belongings. How about when summer and winter breaks roll around and you have to deal with an apartment full of furniture, personal odds and ends? The last thing you want to do is lug your dorm room contents all the way home (especially if your college is far from home and you have to fly or ship your belongings.) Not to mention that your parents’ may not be too thrilled to have your stuff cluttering the house. Continue reading “Short Term Storage Solution For College Students”

How To Keep Your Belongings Safe From Humidity While They Are In Storage

The rising humidity rate level rising on a thermometer past 100 percent to tell you of danger or uncomfortable weather conditions in the hot summer heat
The rising humidity rate level rising on a thermometer past 100 percent to tell you of danger or uncomfortable weather conditions in the hot summer heat

We all care about preserving our stored valuables in their pristine condition. And if you are new to self storage, then you may have questions about how to keep your belongings in great shape while they are in storage. The biggest worry factor is how to protect items from humidity and moisture in the unit, especially sensitive items like electronics, furniture, photographs, documents, wine, and linens. Temperature fluctuations can lead to increased accumulation of moisture in the unit, so it is imperative to protect your belongings. Moreover, excessive dampness in your storage unit encourages the growth of mold, mildew, rust, corrosion, rot and insect infestations. Take advantage of climate controls in your self storage facility to keep your items safe from the damages of humidity.

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7 Invaluable Packing And Organizing Tips For Self Storage Units

You can stuff all your valuables in self storage units but packing for self storage can be slightly more complicated than you think.  The right packing techniques and efficient organization of your unit will prevent damage to your property and also help you avoid injury to people inside the unit. Before moving in your belongings to our storage units located conveniently near the Colorado Springs area, do consider going over these tips as they will enable you to efficiently organize your unit.

Tip #1: Plan Ahead

You will know where things fit if you properly plan before stacking boxes in your storage unit. A little planning and organization can help you fully utilize the space in your unit with relative ease. You can maneuver things around to fit everything in and you only pay for the storage space you use every month.  Make sure you have enough corrugated boxes, containers, packing paper, newspaper, bubble wrap, sealing tape, markers and other packing material at hand before starting on the packing process.

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5 Important Things You Can’t Keep In a Storage Unit

You’ve just talked to a storage provider and asked them to rent a unit for you. Now you wonder what you’re allowed to take and kept it there; something that can be easily packed and can’t be notice by anyone else. There are chances that you must be thinking, “it’s my storage unit, it’s my stuff, I can keep anything what I want it there.” However, storage units are not meant to keep everything you have in your home (including you.) Why? Because of your safety, your tenant safety or the safety of entire storage facility.

Here are the certain items that you’re not allowed to keep in a storage units. While some might seem obvious to you as you go through the complete list and other won’t look like a big deal. Let’s have a look:

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What Is A Climate Controlled Unit? How Does It Work?

Unlike a lot of different household or business items, some sensitive items like clothes, antiques, documents, musical instruments, electronics, furniture or fine art do need to be protected from exposure to humidity or moisture. For that you need to consider a climate controlled unit where it is easier to manage and control the natural elements. Your precious belongings will be safe from environmental problems, like rising or falling temperatures and fluctuating humidity levels. Come summer heat or winter chill, your items in a climate controlled storage unit will be safe from unnecessary damage.

Climate control does not just imply hot and cold. When the climate is properly controlled, humidity levels are kept at an even level as well. And this is hugely important too.  Humidity can cause things to warp and bubble, whereas if a space is dry and not humid enough then items can crack and splinter. Items that are affected easily by either temperature or humidity are best kept in a controlled environment.

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Reasons For Your Business To Budget For Self-Storage

Growing businesses need to scale up with growth and there is always the need for additional workspace. Businesses are always on the lookout to maximize profit, but often with more clients and product requests, there are additional demands to hire more staff, find storage for tons of documents & files, and also the need to keep extra product inventory on hand. Self storage gives businesses access to ample storage space according to their need, which helps free up much needed office space.

Benefits of Self Storage For Businesses

If you are wondering how self storage can help you, then keep reading.

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An Overview to the Security Features Offered by Storage Units

When it comes to keeping your unused items at a self-storage unit, whether it is for short term or long term purpose, one of the most common questions that strikes everyone’s mind is, “Is it safe to store my belongings there?” If you are renting a storage unit for the first time and don’t know much about the offered security features, go through to the list of features mentioned below to have a rough idea about what kind of security is given by storage facilities and determine what feature suits you the best!

Security Parameter

The first and foremost thing noticed by every renter while walking into the storage facility is if the area is equipped with a security parameter – it’s a kind of security feature that doesn’t allow anyone to walk onto the property without any prior notice. Thus, it is important to look for a storage facility that offers protection to your belongings with a cement walls. Some facilities are also equipped with security beams that sounds like anything if anyone walks through them after they’ve been activated.

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