What's Your Size? We have a Storage Space for Every Need...
as Well as Advice, if You Need That, Too.

Choosing the right size storage space for your valuables is important. That’s why we offer our online storage space estimator to give you a better idea of the size unit you’ll need to keep your things. Read through the information below to get a better idea of how much each of our spacious, secure units can hold. If you know the type of unit you need, you can reserve it immediately. If you have questions, though, we’re always happy to help. Call us, and we’ll talk about the best size unit for you.

Fill Any Size Storage Need at AAA Platte

  • Sizes range from 5’ x 5’ to large 12’ x 30’ units.
  • Our units hold everything from spare decorations to furnishings for a 3+ bedroom home.
  • All sizes are located indoors and easily accessible via secure PIN code access.


Size What it Holds Sample Items
5’ x5’/ 225 cubic ft. 4’ x 8’ trailer or 10’ truck’s worth Holiday decorations, military gear, extra boxes, and more.
5’ x 10’/ 450 cubic ft. 10’ by 14’ truck or 1-bedroom of furniture Queen size bed, dresser, TV, storage boxes, and more.
10’ x 10’/ 900 cubic ft. 17’ by 14’ truck; the furnishings of a large
family room or up to 2 bedrooms.
TV, entertainment center, sofa, end chairs, coffee table book shelf,
and more.
10’ x 20’/ 2000 cubic ft. 26’ truck or furnishings from a 3+ bedroom home All home furnishings and appliances, large boxes, crates, and more.